Journal Entries

Designing Nature.

Designing Nature

04 November 22

DESIGNING NATURE Following our recent competition and ongoing collaboration with Another Place (you’ll find our enamelware throughout the hotel), we caught up with landscape architect, Laurel Truscott, to learn about boosting biodiversity, ways to enjoy...

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Winter table settings.

Winter table settings

26 October 22

WINTER TABLE SETTINGS This beautiful table setting from Megan at Kit & Co, who photographs Country Home Interiors, features our limited edition mustard yellow tumblers alongside the iconic cookware from Portuguese artist, Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro....

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Comfort food and gatherings.

Comfort food and gatherings

14 October 22

COMFORT FOOD AND GATHERINGS Field Food has nourishment at the heart of everything it is. Founders, Libby and Henry, combine their knowledge of nutrition with their passion for delicious food that has been thoughtfully produced....

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Two Effortless One-Pan Recipes.

Two Effortless One-Pan Recipes

05 October 22

TWO EFFORTLESS ONE-PAN RECIPES From quick-to-prepare snacks and weeknight curries to simple desserts, the recipes in Rukmini Iyer’s new ‘India Express’ remain true to Rukmini's accessible, flavourful and innovative style. Discover simple and accessible recipes...

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Outstanding in the Field.

Outstanding in the Field

14 September 22

OUTSTANDING IN THE FIELD Outstanding in the Field is a roving restaurant, a traveling celebration of what connects us all. Their tables are set in vineyards, beaches, meadows, fishing docks, and city streets in addition...

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Pre Loved.

Pre Loved

12 September 22

PRE LOVED ITEMS Falcon Enamelware is made from a porcelain enamel, which is a powdered glass bonded onto steel. Our products are hand finished, making each piece slightly different, a characteristic we love. Occasionally, our...

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Two authentic Italian recipes.

Two authentic Italian recipes

08 September 22

TWO AUTHENTIC ITALIAN RECIPES We have two deliciously Italian antipasto recipes from Cook Corriere della Sera to share, helping you eke out the last of the Summer season. Photography Laura SpinelliStylist Stefania AlediFood stylist Alessandra...

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The best of the Summer.

The best of the Summer

19 August 22

THE BEST OF THE SUMMER As the Summer draws to a close, we are pleased to share an interview with the Co-Founder of Hooe’s Yurts, Amy Worthington Dugmore, who has spent this festival and events...

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Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet.

Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet

19 August 22

EATING FOR PLEASURE, PEOPLE & PLANET Tom Hunt is an award-winning eco-chef, food campaigner and author of Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet. Not only is his cookbook thought provoking and informative, it also offers...

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Furniture and Falcon.

Furniture and Falcon

12 August 22

FURNITURE AND FALCON Fred Rigby is a British furniture designer, with a new studio acting more like a home away from home for anyone that enters, based in a former industrial building in East London....

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Three seasonal recipes.

Three seasonal recipes

15 July 22

THREE SEASONAL RECIPES ARAN (which is Scottish Gaelic for bread) is a Dunkeld bakery with delicious appeal. The owner is Flora Shedden, who appeared on the Great British Bake-Off in 2016. Find out why Flora...

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When it’s too hot to cook.

When it’s too hot to cook

15 July 22

WHEN IT'S TOO HOT TO COOK The method for this simple lemon hummus will have you making it week after week. It also keeps in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. You can skip...

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Dahlia season.

Dahlia season

05 July 22

DAHLIA SEASON Dahlias are reasonably easy plants to grow and yield beautiful blooms from around now. The Dahlia is a daisy-like flower that now has many hybrids around the world. It is a member of...

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Retailer. Kitchen Tool. South Korea.

Retailer. Kitchen Tool. South Korea

30 June 22

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS RETAILER • KITCHEN TOOL • SOUTH KOREA Kitchen Tool aim to share snippets of daily kitchen life through their products. Based in the Daegu region of South Korea, the small team likes...

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Coco & Wolf x Falcon collaboration.

Coco & Wolf x Falcon collaboration

15 June 22

COCO & WOLF x FALCON COLLABORATION Two proudly British brands collaborate to bring you a beautiful filled picnic basket containing all you need for an effortless outdoor get together this summer. Coco & Wolf, famous...

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An Edwardian seaside home.

An Edwardian seaside home

15 June 22

AN EDWARDIAN SEASIDE HOME Caroline is a journalist, photographer and interiors lover whose neighbour is the North Sea. Her beautiful repurposed kitchen and overall approach to interiors is honest and inspiring. Caroline loves her Falcon...

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Feel Good with Melissa Hemsley.

Feel Good with Melissa Hemsley

25 May 22

FEEL GOOD WITH MELISSA HEMSLEY Melissa Hemsley’s new cookbook, Feel Good, is all about exploring how food and cooking makes us feel. More and more of us are cooking with both our mental and physical...

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Bake with Jack.

Bake with Jack

23 May 22

BAKE WITH JACK Throughout his chef career, Jack was always fascinated with the unknown, intrigued by the mysterious and bread for a while was one of those things. It's something that not a lot of...

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Your Daily Veg.

Your Daily Veg

18 May 22

YOUR DAILY VEG Joe Woodhouse blends textures, spices and flavours in an endlessly inventive manner, while using simple ingredients to make embracing a more plant-based diet a breeze. Enjoy his recipe for Aubergine Parmigiana from...

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Outdoor Dining.

Outdoor Dining

11 May 22

Outdoor Dining For outdoor dining during the warmer months of the year, our enamelware can be stacked and packed ready for a picnic or any outdoor adventure. Prep Set£79.00 - + VIEW MORE COLOURS Serving...

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Adventures big and small.

Adventures big and small

05 May 22

ADVENTURES BIG AND SMALL Alice Tate is a blogger, travel writer and head of PR at hotel group, The Hoxton. Learn all about her recent adventures big and small, and why she’s such a fan...

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Restaurant-calibre meal kits.

Restaurant-calibre meal kits

21 April 22

Restaurant-calibre meal kits Chef Alice Norman is inspired by the ingredients that surround her. Her new business, Pinch, is an organic restaurant-calibre meal kit service based in Suffolk, home to some of the best producers...

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Set the table for any occasion.

Set the table for any occasion

14 April 22

SET THE TABLE FOR ANY OCCASION Thornback & Peel is a celebration of British humour and design. Their recent Easter table shoot features many of our bestselling wares, including our 3 pint jug, tumblers and...

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