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Thanksgiving Punch Recipe.

Thanksgiving Punch Recipe

22 November 23

THANKSGIVING PUNCH RECIPE   Repurposing our new Fruit Bowl as a Punch bowl, this recipe is the perfect aperitif for your thanksgiving get-togethers. With or without the bourbon, the kick of anise balances the sweetness...

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The Great British Falcon Bake Off.

The Great British Falcon Bake Off

21 November 23

THE GREAT BRITISH FALCON BAKE OFF Celebrate the semi-final and final weeks of The Great British Bake Off with us and past winner, Frances Quinn. Frances is a Quinntessential Designer Baker, the author of Quinntessential...

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Prepping for Christmas with Falcon.

Prepping for Christmas with Falcon

13 November 23

PREPPING FOR CHRISTMAS WITH FALCON With the festive season approaching, this light and easy Christmas pudding recipe could be just the thing. It can be prepared a few hours ahead of time or served immediately....

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Corn Bread Recipe.

Corn Bread Recipe

10 November 23

CORN BREAD RECIPE In one of the first recorded Thanksgiving dinners of 1621 ‘maizium’ or corn as we know it today was said to have been eaten, remaining a staple in the celebrations ever since....

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Pumpkin Pie Recipe.

Pumpkin Pie Recipe

10 November 23

PUMPKIN PIE RECIPE The Pumpkin pie, is a dish intrinsic to the thanksgiving table. In the early 18th century, the original Pumpkin Pie was a whole pumpkin filled with bread crumbs, apples, stewed pumpkin and...

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Celebration Cake Recipe.

Celebration Cake Recipe

10 November 23

CELEBRATION CAKE RECIPE The German translation of the name Bundt cake is ’bund kuchen’ meaning ‘a cake for gathering’. Serving as a nod to the sense of community thanksgiving shows us. Combining the traditional flavours...

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Thanksgiving with Falcon.

Thanksgiving with Falcon

10 November 23

THANKSGIVING WITH FALCON With the holiday season around the corner and many celebrating Thanksgiving this month, we thought to share our most recent shoot which features many of our newest products. We also have a...

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Supper clubs.

Supper clubs

08 November 23

SUPPER CLUBS Xanthe Ross (nee Gladstone) has recently moved back to London from North Wales where she immersed herself in nature and the seasons for many years as a chef and organic vegetable grower. She...

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Halloween Recipe Idea.

Halloween Recipe Idea

19 October 23

HALLOWEEN RECIPE IDEA There are no tricks to making this fun and colourful recipe. Especially for Halloween, Miriam from Mimi’s Bowl has shared one of her favourite recipes for this time of year, using our...

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Communal Living.

Communal Living

18 October 23

COMMUNAL LIVING Rosie Kellett cooks, writes and lives communally in a warehouse in London. Learn more about her, her housemates and the warehouse they live in which has been passed down through friends over the...

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Comfort food at home.

Comfort food at home

12 October 23

COMFORT FOOD AT HOME James Strawbridge started working in television over 20 years ago alongside his family in a show called Not Easy Being Green, and then The Hungry Sailors. He is a chef, author...

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Restaurant + Retailer. Caillou. Geneva. Switzerland.

Restaurant + Retailer. Caillou. Geneva. Switzerland

05 October 23

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS RETAUTRANT + RETAILER. CAILLOU. GENEVA. SWITZERLAND Caillou is a Falcon stockist, a decor and lifestyle boutique in Geneva. The founders recently expanded their offering and opened a café next door where their...

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Elevate your everyday.

Elevate your everyday

29 September 23

ELEVATE YOUR EVERYDAY Take inspiration from a Duchess’ timeless bathroom situated at the National Trust's Ham House. It was one of the first purpose-built bathrooms installed in England in the 1670’s and still features the...

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Special Offers.

Special Offers

23 September 23

SPECIAL OFFERS Receive up to 20% off our selected special items, whilst stocks last. Coal Black 3 Pint Jug£37.00 £29.60 - + ADD TO CART Buttermilk 3 Pint Jug£37.00 £29.60 - + ADD TO CART...

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New products and an Italian Greyhound.

New products and an Italian Greyhound

21 September 23

NEW PRODUCTS AND AN ITALIAN GREYHOUND Owners of Yoko, an Italian Greyhound, knew that good nutrition was always going to be top of the list for them when caring for their dog. ‘It is like...

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Pumpkin Spice Cake.

Pumpkin Spice Cake

14 September 23

PUMPKIN SPICE CAKE Less tricks and more treats. This delicious pumpkin spice recipe is heartening and fun for the whole family to enjoy baking this Halloween. It was kindly photographed and shared by Em Metroka...

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Easy Pumpkin Pancakes.

Easy Pumpkin Pancakes

14 September 23

EASY PUMPKIN PANCAKES Host a flipping competition with the entire family and make a few stacks of these deliciously sweet and satisfying pancakes. This recipe was shared by our friends at New General Store in...

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Escape to the country.

Escape to the country

13 September 23

ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY Linnels Farm celebrates the British countryside through its varied annual calendar of 75 seasonal workshops and the importation of bulbs and flowers direct from Holland. Autumn is the busiest period for...

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Playing with Colour.

Playing with Colour

07 September 23

PLAYING WITH COLOUR Life/work partners, Rachael and Alex, set out to create a paint brand that is truly sustainable in an industry that was lacking. Pickleson paint is made responsibly and offers great coverage, is...

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Retailer. Schoolhouse. Portland. USA.

Retailer. Schoolhouse. Portland. USA

01 September 23

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS RETAILER. SCHOOLHOUSE. PORTLAND. USA Schoolhouse has an innate affection for pieces with a past and believes that something worth owning now is worth owning forever. By drawing on designs with timeless appeal,...

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New Arrivals.

New Arrivals

15 August 23

NEW ARRIVALS We continue to expand the range, by developing new tooling for beautiful yet functional products. Enamelware is porcelain fused onto heavy-gauge steel, giving it many admirable qualities - durability, smoothness and chemical-resistance. Mustard...

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Retreat. Surf Hotel. Buena Vista. USA..

Retreat. Surf Hotel. Buena Vista. USA.

26 July 23

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS RETREAT. SURF HOTEL. BUENA VISTA. USA. Colorado has long been a destination for fresh air, running rapids and the general pursuit of outdoor adventure. Based in the adventure town of Buena Vista,...

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Start a Kitchen Garden.

Start a Kitchen Garden

26 July 23

START A KITCHEN GARDEN Ham Houses’ historic Kitchen Garden is currently one of the most productive walled kitchen gardens in London. Elizabeth Maitland, Duchess of Lauderdale, who inherited and transformed the house in the seventeenth...

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Land and Water.

Land and Water

26 July 23

LAND AND WATER land&water was founded by Pix Ashworth whose family hotel is Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall. As well as appreciating time out on the beach and cliffs herself, Pix has spent many years...

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