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Coco & Wolf x Falcon collaboration.

Coco & Wolf x Falcon collaboration

15 June 22

COCO & WOLF x FALCON COLLABORATION Two proudly British brands collaborate to bring you a beautiful filled picnic basket containing all you need for an effortless outdoor get together this summer. Coco & Wolf, famous...

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An Edwardian seaside home.

An Edwardian seaside home

15 June 22

AN EDWARDIAN SEASIDE HOME Caroline is a journalist, photographer and interiors lover whose neighbour is the North Sea. Her beautiful repurposed kitchen and overall approach to interiors is honest and inspiring. Caroline loves her Falcon...

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Feel Good with Melissa Hemsley.

Feel Good with Melissa Hemsley

25 May 22

FEEL GOOD WITH MELISSA HEMSLEY Melissa Hemsley’s new cookbook, Feel Good, is all about exploring how food and cooking makes us feel. More and more of us are cooking with both our mental and physical...

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Bake with Jack.

Bake with Jack

23 May 22

BAKE WITH JACK Throughout his chef career, Jack was always fascinated with the unknown, intrigued by the mysterious and bread for a while was one of those things. It's something that not a lot of...

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Your Daily Veg.

Your Daily Veg

18 May 22

YOUR DAILY VEG Joe Woodhouse blends textures, spices and flavours in an endlessly inventive manner, while using simple ingredients to make embracing a more plant-based diet a breeze. Enjoy his recipe for Aubergine Parmigiana from...

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Outdoor Dining.

Outdoor Dining

11 May 22

Outdoor Dining For outdoor dining during the warmer months of the year, our enamelware can be stacked and packed ready for a picnic or any outdoor adventure. Prep Set£79.00 - + VIEW MORE COLOURS Serving...

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Adventures big and small.

Adventures big and small

05 May 22

ADVENTURES BIG AND SMALL Alice Tate is a blogger, travel writer and head of PR at hotel group, The Hoxton. Learn all about her recent adventures big and small, and why she’s such a fan...

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Restaurant-calibre meal kits.

Restaurant-calibre meal kits

21 April 22

Restaurant-calibre meal kits Chef Alice Norman is inspired by the ingredients that surround her. Her new business, Pinch, is an organic restaurant-calibre meal kit service based in Suffolk, home to some of the best producers...

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Set the table for any occasion.

Set the table for any occasion

14 April 22

SET THE TABLE FOR ANY OCCASION Thornback & Peel is a celebration of British humour and design. Their recent Easter table shoot features many of our bestselling wares, including our 3 pint jug, tumblers and...

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All-in-one recipe from Rukmini.

All-in-one recipe from Rukmini

10 April 22

ALL-IN-ONE RECIPE FROM RUKMINI This month we’re celebrating the fifth anniversary of Rukmini Iyer’s bestselling cookbook, The Roasting Tin. Enjoy her most popular recipe to date from the entire Roasting Tin series, her All-in-One Steam-Roasted...

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Buttermilk for Easter.

Buttermilk for Easter

08 April 22

BUTTERMILK FOR EASTER Our newest Buttermilk yellow has a soft tone of butter, with a creamy, almost edible quality. This is a comforting and adaptable colour that will pair well with your power pastels and...

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Hot Cross Buns.

Hot Cross Buns

24 March 22

HOT CROSS BUNS It’s that time of year again. Add this recipe for deliciously classic hot cross buns from cookbook author, home cook and mother, Rebecca Wilson, to your repertoire for years to come. This...

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A Mothers Day Recipe.

A Mothers Day Recipe

21 March 22

A MOTHER'S DAY RECIPE Enjoy prepping for Mother’s Day with the whole family this year with this easy recipe for making a homemade gift. Show her how much you care with a tray of illustrative...

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Creative house parties.

Creative house parties

11 March 22

CREATIVE HOUSE PARTIES Charlotte Bland is a photographer who has used Falcon at home for years, both for cooking and serving food and for shooting it. Inspired by domestic items and scenes of everyday life,...

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Mothers Day Gifting.

Mothers Day Gifting

11 March 22

MOTHER'S DAY GIFTING Mums, sisters, daughters and more, celebrate the women we love this Mother’s Day. Olive Oil Drinking Set £69.00 - + Burgundy Drinking Set £69.00 - + Coal Black Tea for Two Gift...

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British Pie Week.

British Pie Week

07 March 22

BRITISH PIE WEEK Enjoy a traditional British fish pie especially for British Pie Week. Fish pie can be a quick and easy dinner, especially if you cut corners and purchase the bechamel sauce ready made....

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Pancakes with a twist.

Pancakes with a twist

28 February 22

PANCAKES WITH A TWIST John Gregory-Smith’s recipes are always mouthwatering and celebrated for being quick and easy too. Enjoy preparing these Moroccan pancakes with your Falcon this Shrove Tuesday, or save the recipe for later...

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‘I use Falcon for everything’.

‘I use Falcon for everything’

24 February 22

‘I USE FALCON FOR EVERYTHING’ We’re thrilled to have chatted with Meera Sodha, the author of three best-selling cookbooks including Made in India, Fresh India and East. She shares inspiration that has helped her these...

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Retailer. Salt Shop. Salty. Canada.

Retailer. Salt Shop. Salty. Canada

17 February 22

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS RETAILER • SALT SHOP • SALTY • CANADA Salt is a brand wanting to encourage people to explore, to get outside, to be away from technology. It is primarily a lifestyle brand,...

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New Limited Edition colours.

New Limited Edition colours

17 February 22

NEW LIMITED EDITION COLOURS This spring, we are launching three new limited edition colours – Olive Oil, Buttermilk and Burgundy. Applied to two of our most popular products – the 3 pint jug and tumbler...

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Cabin hideaways for the soul.

Cabin hideaways for the soul

10 February 22

CABIN HIDEAWAYS FOR THE SOUL At Cabü, guests can relax and re-boot from a cosy one-bedroom cabin, to a three-bedroom cabin at either location; Cabü by the Sea, Kent and Cabü by the Lakes, Ireland....

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Celebrate the bounty of the countryside.

Celebrate the bounty of the countryside

27 January 22

CELEBRATE THE BOUNTY OF THE COUNTRYSIDE Merlin Labron-Johnson has known he wanted to be a chef ever since he was a teenager - growing up in Devon he was surrounded by the local agriculture and...

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