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Eco cleaning recipes for your Falcon.

Eco cleaning recipes for your Falcon

19 January 21

ECO CLEANING RECIPES FOR YOUR FALCON Fill products are designed to work great, look good and reduce plastic packaging waste. The brand is constantly challenging their definition of ‘eco’ – to be more considerate, more...

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Nesting and stacking.

Nesting and stacking

13 January 21

NESTING AND STACKING Enjoy playing with the function, form and colour of your enamelware, whether they are nesting in a cupboard or out on display on open shelves.   Falcon has always made products that...

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Immunity building recipes.

Immunity building recipes

07 January 21

IMMUNITY BUILDING RECIPES THROUGHOUT JANUARY Sign up to receive a new and exclusive collection of recipes throughout January, created by the CEO of London’s Social Pantry, Alex Head.   Inject some colour into your diet...

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Woodland strolls.

Woodland strolls

31 December 20

WOODLAND STROLLS Get into the spirit of the new year with these beautiful shots from Alice @thewildwoodmoth, the Co-owner of The Lyme Bay Cafe in Lyme Regis. Based in Dorset, Alice enjoys a slower pace...

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An indulgent New Year.

An indulgent New Year

27 December 20

AN INDULGENT NEW YEAR This impressive recipe is the ultimate dish to add to your repertoire. Made in our loaf tin, it’s prepared in advance and can be served as a starter with croustades and...

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Festive, cosy nights.

Festive, cosy nights

24 December 20

FESTIVE, COSY NIGHTS Keep warm with your set of enamelware and this delicious homemade hot chocolate recipe. Kay Prestney is a Stylist and Sustainable Interior Designer who has such an inspirational outdoor space and loves...

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Serving Up A Christmas Feast.

Serving Up A Christmas Feast

19 December 20

SERVING UP A CHRISTMAS FEAST Our range of Oven to Table cookware sets and dishes are extremely practical for this time of year, you can cook and then serve everything from your Christmas pudding to...

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Prepping for Christmas with Falcon.

Prepping for Christmas with Falcon

09 December 20

PREPPING FOR CHRISTMAS WITH FALCON With the festive season a little quieter than usual, this light and easy Christmas pudding recipe could be just the thing. It can be prepared a few hours ahead of...

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December At Home.

December At Home

07 December 20

DECEMBER AT HOME Customarily filled with festive parties and other such plans, December definitely feels very different this year. Tiny touches around the home will make a big impact and boost festive cheer. Pop some...

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Celebrating Thanksgiving.

Celebrating Thanksgiving

19 November 20

CELEBRATING THANKSGIVING No matter how many chairs are around the table, Thanksgiving is still a time for family and sharing a meal together. Preparing for a smaller, more intimate family gathering this year never looked...

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Cosy cottage life.

Cosy cottage life

18 November 20

COSY COTTAGE LIFE Spinks Nest promises to surprise and delight you the minute you open the front door: the colours, textures, scents, warmth, light and sheer elan will leave you smitten. We recently interviewed owner,...

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Snacking Cakes Interview.

Snacking Cakes Interview

13 November 20

SNACKING CAKES Yossy Arefi is a food photographer, food stylist, former professional baker, and the creator of the award-winning blog Apt. 2B Baking Co. She has recently launched her newest cookbook Snacking Cakes, where the...

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Snacking Cakes.

Snacking Cakes

12 November 20

SNACKING CAKES RECIPE Yossy Arefi is a food photographer, food stylist, former professional baker, and the creator of the award-winning blog Apt. 2B Baking Co. She has recently launched her newest cookbook Snacking Cakes, where...

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Where to purchase your Christmas pudding....

Where to purchase your Christmas pudding...

10 November 20

WHERE TO PURCHASE YOUR CHRISTMAS PUDDING... Anna Higham is a Pastry Chef and Baker, and the Executive Pastry Chef at The River Cafe, either to be found picking fruit or baking bread. This festive season...

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06 November 20

INTRODUCING OUR NEW LIMITED EDITION COLOURS & NEW BUNDLE SETS We are excited to launch two new limited edition colours this autumn - Pale Lilac and Mineral Blue. Applied to two of our most popular...

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Cooking A Greek Recipe.

Cooking A Greek Recipe

04 November 20

COOKING A GREEK RECIPE Sharon Brenner is the author of Athena: Cooking from Athens, Greece: Beyond a simple cookbook, it is a love letter for Athens, a window on Athenian life and culture expressed through...

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Taking a break in nature.

Taking a break in nature

28 October 20

TAKING A BREAK IN NATURE Pauline is the Co-Founder of Un Cercle who recently took our wares on a trip to the Pyrenees between Spain and France, only four hours from home:   ‘The fall...

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From garden to table this Halloween.

From garden to table this Halloween

27 October 20

FROM GARDEN TO TABLE THIS HALLOWEEN Alyson Morgan is a herbalist, ecofeminist and founder of Earth Star Herbals:   ‘Home is beyond the four walls of a dwelling, our bodies are home, our communities are...

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An autumn afternoon activity.

An autumn afternoon activity

22 October 20

AN AUTUMN AFTERNOON ACTIVITY Birgitta Sif is a children’s book author and illustrator based in Sweden, who has a true passion for baking: ‘Oh Autumn how I love you. Especially with these Mushroom and Squirrel...

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Beautiful, functional and practical objects.

Beautiful, functional and practical objects

15 October 20

BEAUTIFUL, FUNCTIONAL AND PRACTICAL OBJECTS River Cabaan is a secluded cabin on the Wilson River in Tallamook, Oregon which houses a lot of our wares. We recently caught up with owner, Karie Higgins:   ‘The...

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A warming and seasonal recipe.

A warming and seasonal recipe

15 October 20

A WARMING AND SEASONAL RECIPE This is such a simple recipe for a deliciously homey dessert this Autumn. Choose your favourite berries that are easily on hand, and adapt where necessary to make it dairy-free...

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Tiny Adventures this Autumn.

Tiny Adventures this Autumn

24 September 20

TINY ADVENTURES THIS AUTUMN We are Sarah, Tine and Serena - all three travel crazy and deeply in love with print projects. We have sailed the seven seas in order to collect #tinyadventures and wanderlust...

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15 September 20

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS RETREAT • BULL INN • TOTNES, UK The Bull Inn is both a beautiful and progressive pub with food and rooms based in Totnes who state that they are ‘eco, radical &...

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