land&water was founded by Pix Ashworth whose family hotel is Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall.

As well as appreciating time out on the beach and cliffs herself, Pix has spent many years witnessing the joyful “warm glow” radiating from Watergate Bay guests after days swimming, surfing or walking on the beach. We recently caught up with Pix to discuss everything from how she literally bottled this idea, to why the North Coast of Cornwall shines so brightly this time of year.

Look out for a special collaboration between Falcon and land&water coming very soon.  

Can you tell us a bit about you and your relationship to the great outdoors and the colour blue?

As a child, it was an unthinking relationship; simply part of life to be outdoors either in the garden and fields surrounding our home or in the far north of Scotland with cousins, roaming hills and riversides.

But then, as a young adult, it was interesting to discover how time outside became more conscious – a more deliberate relationship. I suppose this was the dawning of recognition of the effect it had on me. Mental health wasn’t a well-discussed topic at the time, but I was aware there was a definitive correlation between my happiness and time spent amongst the elements.

I think there’s a similar pattern with the colour blue. I’ve always felt a natural draw to blue, and as I reached adulthood, I became more aware of the uplifting effect it has on me in its natural environment.

The land&water collection is inspired by ‘active relaxation’. What does that mean to you personally?

Put simply, it’s just spending time outside. It involves movement – usually walking, swimming, or, for me, gardening. Even if I start off feeling lethargic, very quickly movement and fresh air give me an energising lift. I feel invigorated but with a deep sense of calm. It’s an uncomplicated process. One that instinctively feels right.

Do you have a particular ingredient you love using in the land&water collection?

All our lotions contain samphire (salicorne). It grows on the fringes of land and sea, and we chose it for its ability to protect itself from dehydration, despite the high salt content of its environment. Samphire’s oily extract, hydrosalinol, helps moisturise, restructure and smooth out skin.

We have great feedback on this from customers, thrilled that our lotions rehydrate their skin so well – often helping with dry skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

How might Falcon be incorporated into your everyday life?

There are two things I remember about my grandmother’s kitchen: a flagstone floor with large black and white squares in a checkered pattern, and well-used white baking dishes with blue rims! Falcon seems to have been ever-present in my everyday life, from those dishes in my grandmother’s kitchen, to cups in my rucksack for picnics and walks, and water jugs on the table at home. More recently, I’ve loved using the classic utensil pot for holding freshly cut flowers from the garden.

Is there a specific dish that you might personally make using any of our Falcon products?

I have my eye on the loaf tin; banana bread is a staple in our house – the best use of past-it bananas, and a popular snack on our family hikes… So I can imagine high usage!

What do you love most about Cornwall in the Summer? 

Long, long days. You can squeeze so much out of them. Even if it’s a work day, it feels like there’s another whole day when you get home. In the evenings, we often head to the beach with the children and meet friends for bbqs, time in the surf or some water-skiing on the estuary. It’s exhausting but in a good way!

Are there any local companies you'd like to shout about? Where do you usually eat, drink and source ingredients in your local area?

Tricky one! So many… A favourite for weekend breakfasts is Strong Adolfos, which is quirky and cool, reinventing the roadside café with a specialty coffee and ‘fika’ vibe inspired by its Swedish co-founder, Mathilda. Or we’re spoilt for choice with nearby bakeries (with cafés) in and around Newquay such as Da Bara and Gorse.

Further afield in Cornwall, I’m intrigued to try Argoe in Newlyn (a working fishing port); small plates to share with the focus on sustainable fish and seafood. And other shout outs must be to Padstow Kitchen Garden, about eight miles from home – incredible local produce grown on a 7th-generation farm, supplying some of the best restaurants in Cornwall, alongside hosting feasts and cookery courses. Also Origin Coffee, now a well-established B-Corp business, and one of the early pioneers of specialty ethical coffee. The independence-factor of all these businesses is a particular joy.


White with Blue Rim Mug

White with Blue Rim Loaf Tin

White with Blue Rim Teapot


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