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Taking a break in nature.

Taking a break in nature

28 October 20

TAKING A BREAK IN NATURE Pauline is the Co-Founder of Un Cercle who recently took our wares on a trip to the Pyrenees between Spain and France, only four hours from home:   ‘The fall...

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From garden to table this Halloween.

From garden to table this Halloween

27 October 20

FROM GARDEN TO TABLE THIS HALLOWEEN Alyson Morgan is a herbalist, ecofeminist and founder of Earth Star Herbals:   ‘Home is beyond the four walls of a dwelling, our bodies are home, our communities are...

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An autumn afternoon activity.

An autumn afternoon activity

22 October 20

AN AUTUMN AFTERNOON ACTIVITY Birgitta Sif is a children’s book author and illustrator based in Sweden, who has a true passion for baking: ‘Oh Autumn how I love you. Especially with these Mushroom and Squirrel...

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Beautiful, functional and practical objects.

Beautiful, functional and practical objects

15 October 20

BEAUTIFUL, FUNCTIONAL AND PRACTICAL OBJECTS River Cabaan is a secluded cabin on the Wilson River in Tallamook, Oregon which houses a lot of our wares. We recently caught up with owner, Karie Higgins:   ‘The...

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A warming and seasonal recipe.

A warming and seasonal recipe

15 October 20

A WARMING AND SEASONAL RECIPE This is such a simple recipe for a deliciously homey dessert this Autumn. Choose your favourite berries that are easily on hand, and adapt where necessary to make it dairy-free...

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Tiny Adventures this Autumn.

Tiny Adventures this Autumn

24 September 20

TINY ADVENTURES THIS AUTUMN We are Sarah, Tine and Serena - all three travel crazy and deeply in love with print projects. We have sailed the seven seas in order to collect #tinyadventures and wanderlust...

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15 September 20

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS RETREAT • BULL INN • TOTNES, UK The Bull Inn is both a beautiful and progressive pub with food and rooms based in Totnes who state that they are ‘eco, radical &...

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Eke out the last of the Summer.

Eke out the last of the Summer

15 September 20

EKE OUT THE LAST OF THE SUMMER In our second account with Photographer, Bartek Kolaczkowski, we learn about his adventures once arriving from the Dolomites to the renowned Lake Garda in Italy. ‘These photos were...

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Eating more plants with SO VEGAN.

Eating more plants with SO VEGAN

10 September 20

Eating more plants with SO VEGAN Roxy Pope and Ben Pook of SO VEGAN have recently launched their second cookbook, One Pot Vegan. It’s filled with easy, nutritious and fuss-free recipes which aim to get...

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Coffee Rituals.

Coffee Rituals

04 September 20

COFFEE RITUALS Photographer, Bartek Kolaczkowski, recently took some of our wares on a trip to the Dolomites in Northeastern Italy. ‘These photos were taken during my trip to the Dolomites. We traveled by car... the...

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Back to school with Falcon.

Back to school with Falcon

03 September 20

BACK TO SCHOOL WITH FALCON We’ve compiled a list of simple activities for keeping the kids entertained until dinner-time this term. Inspired by the images below from photographer @poppie_prints. CookGet the kids in the kitchen...

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Interview: Seb Cox Kitchen for DeVOL.

Interview: Seb Cox Kitchen for DeVOL

01 September 20

FALCON IN THE SEBASTIAN COX KITCHEN BY deVOL Our friends at deVOL are famous for simple furniture, beautifully made. Their showroom in the historic St. John’s Square in London is just around the corner from...

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01 September 20

ANNA BARNETT COOKS • SPRING BRUNCH RECIPES Introducing a series of unique recipes alongside an interview with the ever-inspiring chef and food-writer Anna Barnett. To celebrate the launch of our salad bowls and limited edition...

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27 August 20

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS WUNDERKAMMER, ANTWERP Wunderkammer, translated from German as ‘cabinet of curiosities’, is a gift shop founded by Sofie van der Ven and Wouter Cajot in Antwerp, Belgium. After the success of opening their...

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Seasonal cocktail recipe & drinks edit offer.

Seasonal cocktail recipe & drinks edit offer

25 August 20

SEASONAL RECIPE & DRINKS EDIT OFFER Take advantage of our bulk-buy offer, on the following drink prepping range, perfect for serving a refreshing cocktail or mocktail to your guests this bank holiday. By purchasing a...

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How to feed your family as a whole.

How to feed your family as a whole

19 August 20

HOW TO FEED YOUR FAMILY AS A WHOLE Natasha Corrett’s new cookbook, Family Kitchen, is said to be a great book to hold your hand through everyday family life, from starting your family to growing...

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Win a Bank Holiday BBQ Box.

Win a Bank Holiday BBQ Box

18 August 20

WIN A BANK HOLIDAY BBQ BOX Not only do Farmison & Co. supply to Harrods, The Ivy, Tate Kitchens and Liverpool FC but their farmers command big reputations among chefs, with their heritage breed herds...

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How to use enamelware as a planter.

How to use enamelware as a planter

14 August 20

HOW TO USE ENAMELWARE AS A PLANTER Dee Campling is an inspirational interior stylist, design consultant and influencer. Her style is known to be ‘fresh, eclectic and accessible’. Dee has a knack for offering something...

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Heatwave activities.

Heatwave activities

11 August 20

HEATWAVE ACTIVITY “This is a brilliant, seasonal and easy recipe. Gooseberries are a forgotten and such an underrated ingredient. So delicious when made right and perfect as a not too sweet jam ripple in this...

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A Summertime picnic classic.

A Summertime picnic classic

04 August 20

A SUMMERTIME PICNIC CLASSIC A simple recipe from Samantha at @GoFrenchYourself, ‘This quiche Lorraine recipe yields a rich egg pie and hails from the mountainous region of Lorraine in northern France. Sufficient for a filling...

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30 July 20

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS BLACK BOUGH Black Bough was set up by Adam Withington and Alex Barter in 2011. It is a small shop in the quaint market town of Ludlow, stocking wares that they believe...

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Fine stationery and proper post: Scribble & Daub.

Fine stationery and proper post: Scribble & Daub

23 July 20

FINE STATIONERY AND PROPER POST: SCRIBBLE & DAUB Scribble & Daub is a fine stationery company founded by Caroline Kent. Previously a curator of contemporary art, Caroline believes that even the smallest token that is...

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Traditional Cherry Clafoutis.

Traditional Cherry Clafoutis

22 July 20

TRADITIONAL CHERRY CLAFOUTIS Cherry season is notoriously short so enjoy them while you can. We have a delicious and traditional recipe from Samantha at @GoFrenchYourself who is based in Oklahoma Samantha says it takes about...

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