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Pantry-friendly, everyday recipes.

Pantry-friendly, everyday recipes

16 September 21

PANTRY-FRIENDLY, EVERYDAY RECIPES Fresh herbs from the grocery store and lots of pantry staples like yoghurt, garlic, olives, mayo and lemon, enjoy one of the brightest and most versatile lunch recipes from Melissa at The...

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Late Summer Alfresco Dining.

Late Summer Alfresco Dining

07 September 21

LATE SUMMER ALFRESCO DINING Our enamelware is durable and hard wearing, suitable for outdoor dining all year round. Enjoy stacking and mixing our signature and limited edition colours, and match them together with other textiles...

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One Tin Cakes, Cookies & Bakes.

One Tin Cakes, Cookies & Bakes

31 August 21

ONE TIN CAKES, COOKIES & BAKES Rukmini Iyer’s new ‘The Sweet Roasting Tin’ is for anyone who wants to bake using everyday ingredients and store cupboard staples. Great British Bake Off worthy recipes, from crave-worthy...

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Pizza ovens and plates.

Pizza ovens and plates

25 August 21

PIZZA OVENS AND PLATES My other half, Nick, was bought a pizza oven for his big birthday by his family. It’s been nearly a year since the bricks arrived but finally it's built. We are...

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See out the Summer in style.

See out the Summer in style

19 August 21

SEE OUT THE SUMMER IN STYLE We’ve teamed up with our friends at field&flower to offer you the chance to win one of their Chef’s BBQ Box and a selection of our wares to serve...

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Entertaining this Summer.

Entertaining this Summer

09 August 21

ENTERTAINING THIS SUMMER Here are some of our simple party ideas for breezy summer entertaining, and some visual inspiration for the next time you gather friends and family together. Opt for delicious finger food or...

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Alex Head Cookalong.

Alex Head Cookalong

01 August 21

ALEX HEAD COOKALONG Celebrate simple, seasonal ingredients with us and London’s, Social Pantry. Win a communal Zoom cookalong for two, and come cook and dine with us this Valentine’s Day weekend by entering our giveaway...

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Fish Cookery.

Fish Cookery

30 July 21

FISH COOKERY Emily Scott (Host chef of the 2021 G7 Summit) has kindly shared a look at two of her most beloved seasonal fish recipes from her debut cookbook, Sea & Shore. These recipes use...

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Camper Van Cooking.

Camper Van Cooking

22 July 21

CAMPER VAN COOKING Claire Thomson is a chef and food writer. Her new cookbook, Camper Van Cooking, includes 70 essential recipes to make on the go, from quick fixes to family feasts. Claire believes that...

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A Day at the Beach Hut.

A Day at the Beach Hut

20 July 21

A DAY AT THE BEACH HUT From a windswept breakfast while the surf’s up, to a romantic seafood dinner under the stars,enjoy a little taste of the seaside - wherever you are. Veronica Henry’s new...

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A picnic perfect recipe.

A picnic perfect recipe

09 July 21

A PICNIC PERFECT RECIPE This easy vegan recipe for potato salad is from Jeanine at Love & Lemons who is well known for her deliciously bright, healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes.   Jeanine suggests that...

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Foraging for elderflower.

Foraging for elderflower

30 June 21

FORAGING FOR ELDERFLOWER You’ll find elderflowers dotted along hedgerows all across the UK and you’ll also find it in London’s parks. Jess Gohl from Burnt Toast, is always sharing creative stories from the countryside, and...

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Country life: growing for the kitchen.

Country life: growing for the kitchen

17 June 21

COUNTRY LIFE: GROWING FOR THE KITCHEN Stephen and Brett from The Country Crib live in the heart of the rural Somerset countryside in a 19th century thatched cottage where they grow their own food and...

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14 June 21

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS RETAILER • GRANDPA STORE • STOCKHOLM • SWEDEN Grandpa is a scandinavian lifestyle store, with a motto ‘Good People, Good Products, Good Impact’. Jonas and his two friends founded the store back...

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Slow Family Living.

Slow Family Living

04 June 21

SLOW FAMILY LIVING If you’re looking for tips for living low waste as a family then look no further than Emma at Mamalina who has created a beautifully like-minded community through blogging and social media....

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BBQ side dishes.

BBQ side dishes

27 May 21

BBQ SIDE DISHES The secret to a standout BBQ is all in the detail. Try these healthy and incredibly tasty side dishes from nutrition chef and coach, Paul Coonan of The Urban Canteen. Using our...

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Homemade scotch eggs.

Homemade scotch eggs

20 May 21

BAKING TIPS AND HOT CROSS BUNS Start as you mean to go on this Summer, with a delicious snack repertoire. This recipe for homemade scotch eggs is from the development chef at ingredients company, Belazu,...

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Adding character to a home.

Adding character to a home

13 May 21

ADDING CHARACTER TO A HOME Find some new home decor inspiration through the lense of Alice Grace Interiors. We love Alice’s focus on how to create character and features in a newbuild home, but there...

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Cornish Food Adventures.

Cornish Food Adventures

07 May 21

CORNISH FOOD ADVENTURES Emily Scott is passionate about food. It is in her kitchen where she feels most at home. She loves nothing more than delighting others through food, bringing friends and family together around...

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Greenhouse Living.

Greenhouse Living

29 April 21

GREENHOUSE LIVING Jeska Hearne, also known as Lobster & Swan, is a stylist, photographer and the Co-Founder of The Future Kept. Find out how she’ll be spending her Summer in her new greenhouses and garden...

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23 April 21

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS RETAILER • HEJKØH • BASEL, SWITZERLAND HEJKØH is a lifestyle store in the old city centre of Basel in Switzerland selling timeless products for a sustainable home. They’ve recently launched Falcon in...

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