A Daily Gathering is a Northern Virginia-based ongoing series of seasonal dinners, artisan workshops, and creative retreats. Founded in 2014 by Rebecca Gallop of A Daily Something, A Daily Gathering seeks to foster hands-on learning, community, and creative collaboration. At their events, they focus on slow & intentional living, local food, building relationships, and exploring the creative process.

They believe that some of the most meaningful conversations are had and the best friendships are made over the table. That might be an elegantly set dining room table at Nana’s over the holidays, a slab of wood in the middle of a field, a makeshift coffee table in a temporary apartment, an over-crowded kitchen table while canning beans. It’s definitely when our day slows down and we come together with the intention of communing, learning, and giving something of ourselves.

They’ll gather with the seasons (sometimes more than once), whether it be for a lesson from a farmer, to forage fresh flowers, to make pies, or to hear from a local musician. And almost always to enjoy a homemade meal.

We were thrilled to be a part of A Daily Gathering’s events this year. Here’s a sneak peek at how they style a table with the Falcon coal black prep set and teapot

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