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Liv Emaille is a unique enamelware store based in north Berlin. They believe enamel is an almost forgotten art. Featuring enamel tableware and enamel accessories it is a nostalgic haven for those looking for functional cookware with timeless elegance and enduring strength. We spoke to the founders this month about what makes their store so unique.

How would you describe the concept of Liv?

We are an enamelware seller wanting to give our customers a real range of enamel for all situations to be used throughout the home from the kitchen to the bathroom and even the garden. We also want to help people cook with good quality products that are long lasting.

What do you think makes a good product/design?

Less is more, products with good design can be combined with other products. Colour is also important.

Is there a traditional or unique dish to Germany that you would make using any of our Falcon products?

Bienenstich (Bee Sting Cake) which is a traditional German cake made from a yeast dough with a coating of caramelized almonds and filled with a vanilla custard, buttercream or cream.

Can you describe or give tips on the best places to eat, drink, source ingredients in Berlin?

Some of my favorite places to eat are Zur Haxe (a Bavarian restaurant close to home), Henne (cooking incredible chicken for over a century), Bar Raval (Spanish) and Wohnzimmer for a drink or two! There are some incredible street food markets that have been popping up all over the city where you can buy good quality seasonal produce too.

Finally, can you tell us a bit about the Christmas markets and where best to head for festive cheer this time of year?

Berlin’s Christmas markets really do smell beautiful and there are so many different stalls to stop by for food and drink. But it needs to be super cold, last Christmas it was over 10 degrees in Berlin and it just doesn’t quite suit a Christmas market. I’d recommend the market at Gendarmenmarkt and hunt out the cool new Design-Christmas markets.

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