An interview with Limonade, Copenhagen.

An interview with Limonade, Copenhagen

31 January 19

This week we had the pleasure of speaking to Limonade in Copenhagen; an independent children’s store which is located in the beautiful Frederiksberg district of Copenhagen. They stock Falcon and many other design-led brands, with a focus...

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Celebrating Pillarbox Red.

Celebrating Pillarbox Red

25 January 19

We are pleased to be highlighting our Pillarbox Red range in celebration of Chinese New Year on Tuesday 5th February. Restock your kitchen with this radiant colour; representing joy and luck for the year ahead.Pillarbox...

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Cashew Cheese for Veganuary.

Cashew Cheese for Veganuary

10 January 19

We are pleased to share with you a recipe for a vegan cashew cheese from our friend, Áine Carlin, who says… ‘I’ve made quite a few cashew cheeses in my time but I’m fairly certain...

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New Year, new start.

New Year, new start

27 December 18

With Christmas celebrations slowing down for another year, we are taking this time to think about how best to reset for the new year. Start as you mean to go on by cleansing your kitchen...

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A Christmas Crumble.

A Christmas Crumble

18 December 18

We are pleased to share an exclusive Christmas crumble recipe from our friend, Lily Vanilli, who has used her Square Bake Tray. This is a quick, easy and perfectly seasonal recipe to enjoy in the...

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How to arrange a bouquet like a pro.

How to arrange a bouquet like a pro

13 December 18

We are thrilled to share a step by step guide on how to arrange your bouquet in your Falcon at home, from Bloom & Wild’s Floral Stylist Amelia Christoffers... Step 1: Condition your stems “Flowers...

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Falcon Enamelware shot at Andrews and Matthew's New York office..

Friends of Falcon: Malin + Goetz

07 December 18

We are delighted to have interviewed one of the co-founders of skincare brand Malin+Goetz. Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz first opened their doors in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood in March 2004. Find out all about...

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Guarantee delivery before Christmas.

Guarantee delivery before Christmas

06 December 18

If you're planning on gifting Falcon to a loved one this Christmas, make sure you take careful note of our delivery dates. Order on or before these dates to ensure your gifts arrive in time for...

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Top tips for how to settle into Winter.

Top tips for how to settle into Winter

01 November 18

Illustrator and graphic designer, Sarah Neuendorf, is the founder of the Berlin-based boutique Gretas Schwester and an ambassador for slow living. Read on for her five top tips on how to create a calm and...

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Winter Blues.

Winter Blues

24 October 18

We are pleased to unveil Periwinkle Blue and Falcon Blue, available in our 3 Pint Jugs, Tumblers, and Mini Tumblers. Both new hues celebrate the traditional and modern tonal contrasts of the Falcon palette. Our...

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Delicious Vegan Pumpkin Popsicles for Halloween.

Delicious Vegan Pumpkin Popsicles for Halloween

24 October 18

We are pleased to share a plant-based recipe for healthy Vegan Pumpkin Popsicles for family and friends to enjoy together this Halloween, from Rae of Raepublic. Why not try making these with your little ones,...

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Low key dining with Áine Carlin.

Low key dining with Áine Carlin

11 October 18

We are delighted to share an exclusive recipe from Áine Carlin (cook, food writer, blogger, best-selling author and friend of Falcon) for a broccoli, walnut & garlic dip with chickpea pancakes. Check out this delicious recipe...

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Bowls to withstand winter.

Bowls to withstand winter

08 October 18

Our set of 12cm bowls promise to be one of your most used products in the kitchen this season. They’re available as a set of 4 and come in Classic White, Pigeon Grey, Pillarbox Red...

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The Best Non Stick Kitchenware of 2018.

The Best Non Stick Kitchenware of 2018

04 October 18

- Contents -1. Non-Stick Surface2. To Preheat or to not Preheat3. Lemon Juice4. Coating in Oil5. Soaking6. Best Heat Conductors7. Oven-to-Table  There are multiple buzzwords when it comes to kitchenware, and non-stick is so often...

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An interview with Casa Gonzalez & Gonzalez, Madrid.

An interview with Casa Gonzalez & Gonzalez, Madrid

19 September 18

This week we had the pleasure of speaking to the founders of Casa Gonzalez & Gonzalez, Javier and Maria Rosa. The store is located in Salesas, Madrid and offers timeless, genuine and functional products for daily life. Read...

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The root and the seed.

The root and the seed

13 September 18

This month and next in line in our ingredients campaign is the very hearty and versatile pomegranate. We’re looking to it for seasonal inspiration as it is deemed one of the healthiest fruits in the...

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Alternative uses: 5 uses for the Falcon Tumbler.

Alternative uses: 5 uses for the Falcon Tumbler

13 September 18

We like to consider the reusability of a product. At Falcon, we believe that a product is more likely to last forever if it is has multiple uses. Falcon has many timeless qualities; it can assume brilliant, long-lasting colours,...

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At Home with Cassie Chung.

At Home with Cassie Chung

22 August 18

If you’re on the hunt for inspiration for the home, visit Cassie’s Instagram account @casschung. She’s super savvy when it comes to style and applying it to family life. Cassie is all about tone and...

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How to style an Instagram-worthy picnic photo.

How to style an Instagram-worthy picnic photo

16 August 18

At Falcon, we aim to pair iconic design with durability to provide enamelware that looks great and functions practically. This makes it ideal for picnics and outdoor use. Our products well-made, versatile and well designed...

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