Our set of 12cm bowls promise to be one of your most used products in the kitchen this season. They’re available as a set of 4 and come in Classic White, Pigeon Grey, Pillarbox Red and Coal Black, working effortlessly alongside other materials and crockery. You may recognise the shape and size because it is the first bowl available in our very versatile Prep Set.

With the shorter days closing in, a breakfast bowl is all the more important to kick-start your day. They are ideal for cereal, but equally perfect for serving a solo portion of your favourite soup at lunch. The bowls are often used within a tablescape for side salads as opposed to a side plate, matching your Falcon24cm plates or working elegantly in contrast to other crockery.

These handy bowls will also help in making your kitchen less wasteful as they are the optimum size for storing leftovers and are oven-safe, meaning you can go straight from fridge to oven and reheat your leftovers with minimal effort. Remember that all our wares are dishwasher-safe too.

Our 12cm bowls are designed especially for your everyday.

Image: Chef, Mikkel Karstad, cooking with Falcon's 12cm bowls at Fejan Outdoor in Sweden earlier this Summer.