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Bottega dalla Tasca is a small shop and workshop which was born in Milan, Italy in 2012. It translates as ‘workshop from his pocket’. They specialize particularly in woodwork and unique household objects as well as the manufacturing of custom-designed furniture. They’re always displaying Falcon in new and quirky ways so we decided to find out a bit more about the store and its heritage…

Can you tell us about Bottega Dalla Tasca?

At Bottega Dalla Tasca we select brands from all over the world and search for the same ‘know-how’ ethos, marking our attention to detail and the choice of material. In our “Bottega” (Italian for ‘shop’) you can find frames made of scrap wood from South Africa and Thailand, bookcases and tables made by us, linen or cotton home textiles with silk-screen prints which have been hand printed in London, stationery produced in Belgium with old typographical techniques, stuffed animals and wool blankets for the little ones which have been hand processed in the USA, vintage furniture found on our travels, and, of course, Falcon Enamelware!

How would you describe the concept of Bottega Dalla Tasca?

The concept behind Bottega dalla Tasca is a passion for living in the home. In Italy the idea of an artisanal bodega is still very much alive: small shops marking the habits and routine of a neighbourhood centred around professionals, but especially around a human dimension, made of direct relationships. In a city like Milan, as in many other cities around the world, this was becoming somewhat misplaced. We tried to assert ourselves to this with our passion for beautiful and well-finished objects, we looked for detail that would take us back to another way of living in time, with family, within home. The “Bottega” is like a second home, a treat we wanted to share with everyone.

What do you think makes a good product/design?

From our point of view, behind a great product/design there is sense of skilful work. The techniques, the choice of materials and colours can’t be overlooked. Functionality can be only a small part of the process, the ‘know-how’ is at the heart of the Italian tradition, of our memories, and this is what we look for in the products we select, not only for the “Bottega” but also in our own homes.

Is there a traditional or unique dish to Italy that you would make using any of our Falcon products?

Traditionally, in Italy, Sunday lunch is a fundamental moment in which we gather around with our loved ones, a meeting of family and friends with the simple desire to share and be together. Of course, we can’t forget good food! Sunday meals are the most elaborate, requiring the most time and care in order to be created, like lasagna or roast. Potatoes in the oven made in Falcon’s bake set are a true delight, they are never missing in our homes on a Sunday and we always recommend it to our clients. At the end of the meal, Falcon mugs with mono-portions of Tiramisù are essential!

Can you describe or give tips on the best places to eat, drink, source ingredients in Milan?

The fact that food is good in Italy is not a legend, the possibilities are so diverse we could write a novel on them. The best thing to do is to ask a friend, a pedestrian, maybe the taxi driver taking you from the airport to your hotel. Round the corner there will always be a good restaurant or, if you’re lucky, a typical “trattoria” serving home cooked meals.

We have a real passion for sweets and among our favourites is the pastry shop/cafè “Pavé”, near the Centrale railway station, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg! In our opinion, the best place to find the freshest produce is at the local markets. You can find one in each neighbourhood of the city on different days. Our favourite (has been for years now) is in the Isola neighbourhood and is held every Saturday morning.

We also recommend the Wholesale markets of Milan which are open to the general public on Saturday mornings, here you can find fresh flowers, fish, fruits and vegetables. We love the flower market especially… the Falcon teapot with a beautifully fresh bouquet of peonies in the middle of the dining table is just beautiful!

Bottega Dalla Tasca is based on Via Plinio, 16, 20129 Milano, Italy

Catch them on +39 02 3653 7226

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