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At Falcon Enamelware we love a good recipe and with 2015 well under way and Christmas 2014 complete, we’re on the hunt for fresh and inspiring new ideas.

We found one at the Eye Swoon blog, ’a destination for creativity, food, and design…..dedicated to lovers of living with beauty and deliciousness in everyday life' 

EyeSwoon’s ‘Winter Delicata Squash Salad’ using Falcon Enamelware

'Squash just might be my favorite go-to winter veggie. Both sweet and savory, squash can be easily prepared in a variety of ways – whether it be pureed in soups, diced and sautéed, roasted as a side to just about any meal, or even as the star of a winter salad…this is one versatile veg.  And she is certainly a crowd pleaser – adults to children, in my family anyway, find both the texture and flavor irresistible. 

Truth be told, though beyond relish butternut squash can be quite challenging to work with as the thick skin can prove pesky to peel and cumbersome to cut through. The naturally sweet delicata squash is far smaller and way easier to prep with an edible skin that eliminates the time consuming peeling process. This winter variety is naturally richer in flavor, creamier in texture and caramelizes when simply roasted on a sheet pan. 

To prepare, simply slice your squash crosswise, remove the seeds and toss with evvo, maple syrup, salt and a touch of hot red pepper and pop in the oven.  Once coupled with the peppery goodness of arugula, the added crunch of pomegranate  and creamy feta – you have yourself a hearty salad that is guaranteed to swoon the palette.  

Oh and did I mention how easy on the eyes this dish is? I mean, I do approach food from an aesthetic point of view and have a mega appreciation for the beauty, texture and colors of nature’s bounty. This dish embodies what, to me, makes a super swoonable meal – simple, quality ingredients that come together to create something quite unique and spectacular!’

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