03 June 18

This summer Talisker whisky together with Danish chef Mikkel Karstad are launching a glamping and hiking experience in Stockholm’s northern archipelago. We are thrilled to have a part to play in their offering which this year is taking place over two weekends in June and August. Scandinavian Detours are creating unique one off adventure and glamping experiences at Fejan Outdoor which will honour the beauty and largely unexplored nature of Sweden. Don’t miss out, be sure to find out how we got involved and how to book...
The experience involves an overnight stay for two in a luxurious canvas tent, dinner including Talisker cocktails prepared and enjoyed under the stars and by the sea. The stay also includes breakfast and transport to a nearby island for a fantastic hike through nature.

The dinner menu was developed by Danish chef Mikkel Karstad and one of the world's best bartenders Mate Castlos. Mikkel Karstad has more than 16 years of experience working with some of the best European restaurants. Mikkel's cooking philosophy is based on working with seasonal and nutritious ingredients. The collaboration resonates well with both Mikkel Karstad's cooking philosophy and Talisker’s; both are based on the vicinity to both sea and nature. "It's been great fun to be part of creating this unique experience, and so get more people to experience Scandinavia’s nature. The concept behind Scandinavian Detours matches with my own philosophy of discovering and appreciating our Nordic environment. We have incredibly exciting ingredients to work with in the Nordics and our nature is so rich in experiences, I wish more people took the opportunity to discover it" says Mikkel Karstad.
Don't miss out on the entire Falcon Enamelware family being used throughout this very unique and special experience...
And for more information and to book visit www.Scandinaviandetours.com.