Summer is in full swing with the school holidays now underway and no doubt lots of people are off on their annual camping trips with friends and family. Taking the right equipment along for the big adventure is imperative if you want to have that truly memorable experience, and that is why the iconic Falcon Enamelware mug is an essential purchase. It’s the most robust, heavyweight, and versatile camping mug on the market, and the product has become a top choice for campers and travellers around the world. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this mug is so popular to this day...

You can use the mug on the hob

Unlike many other camping mugs available on the market, this product can sustain temperatures of up to 530F / 270C. That means you can use it on both electric and gas camping stoves, and there is no need to worry about the product melting or cracking. People who enjoy camping in the wilderness can use the mug for both eating and drinking as it is perfect for heating up baked beans and anything else you might throw in the cooking pot. The bottom of the mug will not burn, and enamelware protects you from the heat so you won't burn yourself if you touch the surface.

Used alongside any high-end camping stove or hob, our enamel mug will outperform all its rivals, and it will ensure you can prepare food and hot drinks for everyone in your group.

The mug is freezer safe

Our camping mugs will also remain in excellent condition if you decide to store it in the freezer at home before the camping trip. Maybe you wish to do that and then place the mug in a cool box, so it stays cold while you commute to the campsite? The only thing you need to remember is to follow the instructions when it comes to defrosting the item before you put it in the oven. Enamelware may crack if you change the temperature too quickly so defrost slowly.

If you enjoy time spent in caravans, there is a chance you may have access to a small freezer anyway! Now you know, the enamel mug is ideal for anything you want to place in there.

The camping mug is easy to clean

Cleaning our Falcon Enamelware mug is straightforward, and you’ll never have to worry about any long-lasting stains. We recommend that people who take the mug on camping trips should also pack some regular lemon juice which is the best natural cleaning product for the cup, and should remove any dirt or stains in a matter of seconds. If you have any baked-on food stuck to the mug, leave the item to soak in some warm water for ten minutes or so. The debris should come loose, and you will be able to wash it away.

Make sure not use abrasive sponges or brushes when cleaning our enamel mug because they can scratch the surface and remove parts of the outer layer of coating.

You don’t have to worry about chips or damage

Just like all other enamelware products, there is a chance our camping mugs will chip if you drop them on a hard surface like a concrete floor. However, that doesn’t mean the product becomes useless or unsafe in any way. When chips and damages occur, the outer layer will come away leaving exposed steel in the affected area. Thankfully, the metal begins to oxidise naturally, and so the enamelware remains safe to use. Of course, if you drop the mug too many times, you may want to buy a replacement. However, you can continue to use the item even after it is damaged.

Our camping mugs are an essential purchase that everyone should add to their camping shopping list. Don't make the mistake of buying an unsuitable product that will melt on the stove or break into a thousand pieces when you drop it on the floor. Choose our camping mug... take our advice. You’re sure to have a fantastic camping adventure with your friends or family, with the best quality product for the best value out there.