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We’ve been a fan of the Italian blog, Gnambox, for a while now so we jumped at the chance to interview the Founders, Riccardo and Stefano. Based in Milan, they’re constantly working on exciting collaborations and offer more than just recipe inspiration… ‘It’s life, style, beauty’ to be shared around the table together. Don’t miss the exclusive Gnambox recipe curated for Falcon Enamelware too, using the Falcon coal black prep set.

1. Tell us about Gnambox?

GNAMBOX was born in 2012. We are both designers and we wanted to share our passion online. We have always loved to cook and invite lots of friends to our home to have dinner together. We started to publish our recipes online and in that moment GNAMBOX was born. We believe in good food, we share everything about our life through recipes, good ingredients and special people.

2. How would you describe the concept of Gnambox?

For us GNAMBOX is like a big table, there is room for everyone. Basically it is our life. Every recipe that we post is a recipe that we really love to cook and eat, every picture that we post on social media is a picture of a moment taken from our life. We are a couple and we want to share our passion, our happiness and something that we really believe in.

3. What are the emerging food trends for 2016?

We’re forever in love with fresh ingredients and simple recipes. We think that the 2016 is the year of the “back to basics”.

4. How do you use your Falcon in the kitchen and around the house?

We use Falcon for every moment of our daily routine. From breakfast through to lunch and dinner. We also love to use the enamel mugs for our cacti too!

5. Is there a traditional or unique dish to Italy that you would make using any of our Falcon products?

Of course! The perfect lasagna can be baked in a Falcon bake pan.

6. Can you describe or give tips on the best places to eat, drink, source ingredients in Milan?

In Milan we always find what we a looking for. We love the farmers’ market at Cascina Cuccagna, every Tuesday afternoon. We love to have breakfast at Pave, it’s a super nice place and the food is AMAZING. For a perfect lunch we love Erba Brusca, a little further out from Milan’s city centre. Erba Brusca is a restaurant with a garden too. For dinner we love Rataná and for a drink we love to go to Dry Milano or Mug Cafe.

All images C/O Gnambox.

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