Wild & The Moon are passionate about their business being a force for good. They believe in feeding the soul, particularly within urban communities, through plant alchemy. Their concept is simple: their produce is good for you, good for the planet and delicious.

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat well or stop for a coffee in Paris then Wild & The Moon should be one of your first ports of call. Check out their restaurant locations and learn more via our quick-fire interview with the team.


Can you tell us about Wild and the Moon?

Wild & The Moon is a lifestyle movement created by a tribe of food lovers, chefs, nutritionists and naturopaths who believe that food should be good for you, good for the planet, and delicious. Through food we align with the rhythm of nature. This is slow food set to an urban beat.

What made you decide to open your own café?

We thought the options were very limited in Paris and Dubai when finding a café that is organic, plant-based, gluten-free, without any refined sugars and where everything is homemade and unpasteurised.

Can you describe or give tips on the best places to eat, drink, source ingredients in your local area?

Our food is both delicious and good for you. Our juices are 100% organic, freshly cold-pressed and never pasteurized. We also love the coffee place Dreaming Man that is our neighbour in the 11th district of Paris. Food markets in Paris are the best, where you can find all your favourite locally grown ingredients.

You use Falcon enamelware in your café. What’s your favourite product and what do you use it for?

We use a lot of the bowls and the classic mugs. They're the absolute best for our delicious smoothie bowls recipe and superfood lattes made with our homemade almond milk.

Do you have any unusual food combinations you can recommend?

Always add a pinch of superfoods to any of your meals. From adaptogen mushrooms, magic plants or activated charcoal; they add superpowers to your food!

Photography: Eileen Cho

Photography: Eileen Cho


Coal Black Bowls Set

Coal Black Deep Plates Set

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As an old British brand which has been sensitively revived for the twenty-first century, it felt fitting to host the first Falcon Feast in the newly renovated and quintessentially British Pitzhanger Manor.

Last month, Social Pantry created a menu for our Falcon Feast held at British Architect John Soane’s Pitzhanger Manor. Before the event, we spoke to founder and head chef, Alex Head, to tell us more.