Our wares are simple yet distinctive, functional yet elegant, they can have a specific purpose yet are also highly versatile. The designs are timeless and the products are both practical and non-precious, lending them a universal appeal.

Falcon has been a kitchenware favourite for stockist, The Hambledon, for many years. Take a tour round their Falcon loving home and discover how far it can go.

‘We’re all about a Falcon pie dish (we love a pie); we’re all about a Falcon square tray (we love a tray bake); we’re all about a Falcon tumbler (we love an orange squash) but who says Falcon’s just for the kitchen. We give our trusty enamelware a house wide refresh’...

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White with Blue Rim Loaf Tin

White with Blue Rim Serving Tray

White with Blue Rim Small Tray


While cooking on the road with his ‘loyal pirate crew’ - Ben Quinn discovered a need in his local Cornish community of St Agnes for some year-round community led food...

If you’re hosting over the coming months, and looking to make some simple updates to your tables and spaces in general then The Hambledon has got you covered. We have popped...