Daylight Saving is upon us. Heralding much of the world springing forward and the beginning of British Summer Time; it is a marker for the change in seasons.If you find that the clocks going forward affects your sleep pattern and internal body clock then there is a lot of advice out there, especially if you’re considering children. For example, be sure to have a relaxing evening at home the night before, avoid electronics before going to bed and ease into the time change over the course of the following week. Concentrate on the extra light, time and energy you’ll have in the long-run.


Kate Chilver, AKA @tribeandus, is a photographer and explains briefly why this time is so important to her and her family:


“Being a Mum whose kids love being outside, a photographer that only uses natural light and a plant Mum there's one thing that is really important to me and that is light. So I countdown the days until the clocks go forward and we get even more light in a day. In short, light means we get longer days to explore as a family, pictures look sharper and our plants grow stronger… Roll on Spring/Summer!”


It’s the perfect time of year to start potting your Summer-flowering bulbs, and watch your Spring-flowering bulbs grow stronger. Take inspiration from Kate who loves nothing more than styling her home to make it look beautiful, green and functional. 

Our products also double up as planters for spring bulbs or displaying seasonal cut flowers. 

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